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Effective May 12, 2020 Dunn County Public Health Administrative Order 20-01 and replaced by Dunn County Public Health Administrative Order 20-02  and shall remain in effect until June 1, 2020 or until it is subsequent state or local order.

Dunn County Public Health, Dunn County Sheriff’s Office, Menomonie Police Department Joint Order 20-01  https://www.co.dunn.wi.us/vertical/Sites/%7BD750D8EC-F485-41AF-8057-2CE69E2B175A%7D/uploads/Joint_Letter_Order.pdf

Public health and local law enforcement will utilize statutory authority granted by the Wisconsin Legislature in Wis. Stats. §252.25 and local Human Health Hazard ordinances to prevent the spread of COVID-19 when associated with a particular outbreak centered around places, events or individuals.

At this time, our business operations are remaining the same in place as have been the past several weeks with our staff working remotely. Please contact us by email or by calling the office number at 715-235-8393 and selecting the staff member extension.
Jon Menz, CEO Extension 100
Executive Assistant 101
Fiscal Director 102
WIOA Program/Business Sector Director 103


The Workforce Development Board Staff are working remotely so contact us by email below: 

Are you an employer facing layoff and need assistance with employees that will be dislocated from their jobs? The West Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board is here to help.  Please contact us at the below if your company is closing or laying off workers. 

West Central WI Workforce Development Board 
Contact: Jon Menz – Chief Executive Officer
715-235-8393 ext.100 jmenz@wdbwcw.org

Rapid Response Services for employers with employees being layed-off
Contact:  Dave Paulson -Director of Business Development

Unemployment FAQs for Claimants

Unemployment FAQs for Employers

It is our goal to continue to serve this region through the alignment of industry, educational and community partnerships in West Central Wisconsin.

“The Workforce Development Board is dedicated to ensuring Western Wisconsin businesses have access to the best possible workforce. We provide leadership oversight for the work done to link the aspirations and skills of workers to the business needs of our region. By doing this, we not only make life better now for the individuals, families and businesses served, but we contribute to the construction of a stronger tomorrow for our region and for the State of Wisconsin.” -Alison H. Page, CEO, Western Wisconsin Health;
2017 Past Chair, West Central Workforce Development Board

“The nine (9) counties that make up the West Central Wisconsin County Boards’ Consortium have a vital interest in assuring that we have individuals serving on our Workforce Development Board that not only meet the Plan of Representation Requirement but are individuals who are actively and enthusiastically engaged in the WDB’s critical work. This joint effort with the WDB has never played a more critical role in assuring that job training will result in job placement and meet the needs of our local businesses.”
Colleen Bates, Eau Claire County Elected Official Chair;
 2019 Chair, West Central Wisconsin County Boards’ Consortium

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the West Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board by calling:  715-235-8393.

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