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West Central Workforce Development Board, County Consortium Boards’ and Youth Committee Joint Meeting Agenda & Minutes



County Consortium Boards’

Executive/Oversight Committee

Oversight Agenda 10-13-2016
Minutes 10.13.16 WDB Oversight Committee
  Agenda 12.1.16 WDB Oversight
Minutes 12.1.16 WDB Oversight Committee
Agenda 2.9.17 WDB Oversight Committee
Agenda 413.17 WDB Oversight Committee
Minutes 4.13.17 WDB Oversight Committee
Oversight Committee 6.8.17 Meeting Agenda
Oversight Minutes 6.8.17
Oversight Agenda 8.10.2017
Oversight Minutes 8.10.2017
Oversight Executive Agenda 10.12.17
Executive Minutes 10.12.17
Oversight Executive Agenda 11.30.17

Oversight Executive Agenda 2.8.18 **Canceled

Oversight Executive Agenda 2.15.18 (rescheduled from 2.8.18)

Executive Agenda 4.12.18
Executive Agenda 6.7.18
Executive Committee Agenda 8.9.2018

Youth Committee

Executive Committee

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) WDB Local Plan in Draft Mode

OCTOBERREVISIONSWIOA Local Plan 2016-2020 Attachments 1B
OCTOBER REVISIONSWIOA Local Plan Posting 2016-2020B

10.21.16 WDB Bylaws

Intercounty Agreement Website Amended 10.21.16

WIOA Training Presentation